Current Projects

  • Modular Optical Aperture Building Blocks (MOABB)
    With J. Bowers and J. Klamkin
    Funded by DARPA via Lockhead Martin
  • Intelligent Reduction of Energy through Photonic Integration for Datacenters (INTREPID)
    With C. Schow, A. Saleh, J. Buckwalter, and J. Klamkin
    Funded by ARPA-E with Facebook
  • Photonic Integrated Circuits in the MID-IR

Recent / Past Projects

  • Investigation of Photonic Integration Technology at 780 nm
    Funded by DARPA via Honeywell & Vescent
  • GOALI: A Novel Field Induced Charge-Separation Laser (FICSL) for Ultra High-Speed High-Efficiency Modulation
    Funded by NSF
  • SWEEPER: Short-Range, Wide Field-Of-View Extremely Agile, Electronically Steered Photonic Emitter
    Funded by DARPA via ARL,_Wide_Field-of-View_Extremely_agile,_Electronically_Steered_Photonic_Emitter_(SWEEPER).aspx
  • Optical Phase Locked Loop Technology for Chip-Scale LIDAR Systems
    Funded by Rockwell Collins
  • Ziva: STTR on Polarization Modulated VCSELS
    Funded by Ziva Corporation
  • Single Chip Phase-Sensitive Amplifiers
    Funded by DARPA-DSO

  • Direct On-chip Digital Optical Synthesizer (DODOS)
    With M. Rodwell
    Funded by DARPA-MTO via UC-DavisĀ 

  • A Highly-integrated Widely-tunable Optcial Frequency Synthesizer with Sub-Hz accuracy
    With M. Rodwell
    Funded by NSF